Family and Children Skating Information

Can my children skate?

Yes, children 4 years and over can skate. Children aged 7 years and under must be accompanied by an adult on the ice. A minimum of 1 adult is require on the ice to every 5 children under 7 years old. Children aged 8 to 12 years need an adult to be available either on the ice or around the rink. Children aged 13 years and over can be unaccompanied both on site and on the ice.

Is there a minimum height required to skate?

There is no minimum height required to skate but the minimum age is four years old. It is also suggested a skate aid is hired for little ones to help them find their feet on the ice. Parents must judge whether their children can skate safely.

How do I book a skate aid?

Skate aids may be booked in advance, otherwise they will be made available to hire on a first-come-first-served basis at the ticket office up to 30 minutes before the start of each skate session and cost £5 each.

Please note, due to health and safety considerations and to prevent congestion, we are obliged to limit the number of skate aids on the ice. Please book online in advance or arrive early to avoid disappointment. Please note there is a maximum height restriction on skate aids of 1.2 meters.

General Information

How long are the sessions?

Sessions start on the hour and you will have 45 minutes on the ice. There will be an additional 15 minute change over gap at the end of your session to resurface the ice.

What are the ice skate sizes?

We have ice skates available in a range of sizes, from children’s to adults Junior size 8 (Euro 25) to adult size 14 (Euro 49).

What time should I get there?

Please make sure you arrive at the site at least 20 minutes before your skating session is due to start as this allows enough time to get fitted with the correct size skates. However, during busy periods (Monday to Friday after 5pm and after midday on Saturday and Sunday) you may want to arrive up to 30 minutes before your session starts.

Can I wear my own skates?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own skates, although this will not alter the price of your ticket. Please note that speed skates are not allowed.

What should I wear?

To make your visit as enjoyable as possible, we recommend your clothing is suitable for your time on the ice as well as the weather. Please bring long socks with you and have a warm waterproof jacket, gloves and hat ready for the action on the ice. Long scarves are not permitted as they are a potential hazard on the ice.

Can I wear my boots or street shoes on the ice?

All persons must be wearing skates at all times while on the ice, even if assisting young children.

Where can I leave my bags?

Small rucksacks can be worn but no other bags are permitted on the ice so we advise you to only bring the essentials with you or leave your bags with a friend or family member while you are on the ice.

What happens if it rains or snows?

The rink has a roof, but is open sided. It will be open come rain or shine. If it is very wet or snowing hard, we will close the side panels around the rink. If the weather conditions are extreme, the manager may close the rink. In this instance, we will inform ticket holders via the email address used when booking your tickets. We will also update the Canterbury On Ice Facebook page. Your safety is our first priority. In this case your ticket will be transferable to another session.

What is your refund policy?

Customers are reminded that this is an outdoor event and no refunds will be issued unless in exceptional circumstances. If our management team find it necessary to close the ice rink due to technical or health and safety concerns, customers will be offered an alternative session (subject to availability).

How big is the ice rink?

The ice rink is 428m2 and we will allow for 140 skaters at any one time.

Do I have to pay to spectate?

The viewing area is free to access and is located next to the food and drink outlets.

Can I eat or drink while skating?

No food or drink is allowed on the ice.

Is there somewhere to buy refreshments after skating?

Yes, we have a number of on site food and drinks outlets where you can head for either a pre or post-skate bite to eat or drink.

Can I go ice skating if I am pregnant?

No. Ice skating is not recommended when you’re pregnant even if you are an experienced skater.

Can I skate on Christmas day?

No, we are closed on Christmas Day but we are open all other days of the season. See general information above for opening times.

Is there wheelchair access?

Both electric and manual wheelchair users can go on the ice. Simply select either ‘wheelchair adult ticket’ or ‘wheelchair child ticket’ when booking online. A limited number of wheelchair user tickets are available per session. Wheelchair users may be accompanied on the ice and will be entitled to one free ticket (subject to availability). This person may choose to wear either skates or overshoes on the ice, both are provided at the skate exchange.

Due to industry guidance a maximum of five wheelchair users will be permitted onto the ice per session. Larger groups of wheelchair users should contact us via our online contact form prior to booking with details of your requirements.

Are there toilets at the ice rink?

Yes, there are toilets located on site. Please note that you will need to remove your skates to enter the facilities.

What do I do if I lose something during my visit?

Please ask for the ice rink Duty Manager on-site for all lost property enquiries, or contact us via our online contact form. Finding lost property is only the first step for us as we must then store it and hope to reunite it with its owner. As storage facilities are limited we can only hold on to lost property for a maximum of 30 days. Items deemed as hazardous or outside our remit of handling may be disposed of immediately or even handed over to the police or relevant authorities; in addition, as we do not have refrigeration units at our offices, perishables will also be disposed of.

Do you have a safeguarding policy

Yes the ice rink will be delivered in line with Canterbury City Council’s safeguarding policy.

Do you have first aid on site if I have an accident while I am skating?

We will have a qualified first aider on site at all times.

Do you have any tips for beginners?

Keep your knees bent and your weight forward, which helps you to balance. If you’re having trouble keeping your weight forward, put your hands on your knees. First, try taking small steps on your skates. Then, gradually try gliding with each step. Keep your head up when you’re skating. Be confident and enjoy yourself. If you’re having difficulty, stay near the side so you can hold on if you need to, or skate with a friend until you gain confidence on the ice.

Are there places near to the ice rink to do my shopping?

Yes, Whitefriars Shopping Centre and Canterbury High Street are just minutes away with many popular retailers and restaurants. Canterbury Christmas Market is also located in Whitefriars, featuring dozens of colourful cabins selling food, drinks, festive produce and homemade gifts. For more details on shopping in Canterbury please visit

Ticket Information

Is there a booking fee?

No booking fees apply.

Can I buy tickets on the day at the ticket office?

Yes, subject to availability. Our onsite ticket office will be open 30 minutes before opening. At peak times (Monday to Friday after 3pm) we are likely to be very busy and may even get fully booked, so advance purchase is recommended to guarantee your skating session. Please note if buying tickets online to skate the following day you must book by midnight. Tickets cannot be booked online for same-day skating.

If I pre-book online, how do I get my tickets?

Ticket confirmation will be emailed to you.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No, if you are unable to print your ticket, you can download it and we can scan it from your smartphone.

I have booked my tickets in advance, what do I do when I arrive?

There is no need for you to go to the ticket office (unless you need a skate aid), just go straight into the skate exchange where you may have to queue to collect your skates. Please note the skate change area is for ticket holders only. Visitors without a valid skating ticket will not be allowed in this area, but there is a free area for spectators.

Can I get a refund or transfer my booked session time?

Sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable. Customers are reminded that this is an outdoor event and no refunds will be issued unless in exceptional circumstances. If our management team find it necessary to close the ice rink due to technical or health and safety concerns, customers will be offered an alternative session (subject to availability).

Is the ice rink open to schools and organised community or charity groups?

Yes, we are able to hold bespoke sessions for school and organised groups. Interested parties should send their enquiry via the online contact form.

Can I rent the entire rink?

Yes. The ice rink is available to rent exclusively for one group.Interested parties should send their enquiry via the online contact form.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and card payments at the ticket office.

What time is your on-site ticket office open?

The onsite ticket office will open 30 minutes before the first session of the day.

Can I hire the ice rink for a corporate or birthday party?

Yes, subject to availability. Please send your enquiry via the online contact form.

I am not a wheelchair user, but I require a carer/personal assistant to accompany me on the ice due to my access needs. Is this free and how do I arrange this?

If you are a non wheelchair user, but require a carer/personal assistant to accompany you on the ice due to access needs, a free ticket for them can be arranged (subject to availability). Please contact us via our online contact form prior to booking with details of your requirements.